Blog | Studio Pepwuper - Part 3

31 May '14

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Jan Willem Nijman, Co-founder of Vlambeer, on The art of screenshake

Fantastic and practical talk on the feeling of games – see how Jan transformed a simple platformer into a fun prototype with 30 tricks.

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12 May '14

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Join us at Microsoft in Chicago for A Day of Unity

(Photo by Wally Argus, used under Creative Commons License (CC BY-ND 2.0))

We are going to Chicago! Brandon will be hosting a workshop at the Microsoft office in Chicago for their “A Day of Unity” event on Wed May 14. … Read More

01 May '14

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Article on Tut+: Surviving GDC: Tips for Game Conference Success

Brandon writes on on Tut+ Game Development on lessons learned from his experience attending GDC (Game Developers Conference).

My first GDC experience, in 2010, was terrifying. I had just started my studio the month before, and, as excited as … Read More

12 Feb '14


How to Flappy Bird — A quick tutorial on how to make a flappy bird style prototype using Unity + PlayMaker in under 50 minutes

For students of our One Month Game School classes (Play! Make Your First Video Game in 4 Weeks from Scratch with Unity (no coding!))

You can play the game here:

Watch Tutorial 01: Intro and Player Control

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19 Nov '13

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Unity 3D for App and Game Development

For game and app development, Studio Pepwuper loves to use Unity 3D as our main software. If you’ve been thinking about getting into game or app development, or are a client looking for app development and are wondering what software … Read More

16 Jul '13

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We’ve Joined REACTOR! A Game Accelerator Program in Seattle

We’ve been officially selected as one of the teams in the REACTOR program this season! REACTOR is Washington Interactive Network’s revolutionary new launch accelerator for interactive media. We’ve moved into the office space provided by the program, and met … Read More

28 Jan '13

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4-Week to Making Your First Game, No Coding!

Brandon is teaching a 4-week beginner class on making games on Skillshare, starting next month! We’ve worked with Skillshare in designing a course that’s easy to digest, and worked with Unity and Hutong Games in providing top students with awesome … Read More

08 Nov '12

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Single Player Mini-Games

We’ve gotten lots of feedback during PAX and one that really stood out was the desire to have a single player mode outside of the competitive multiplayer game.

So we started pumping out some single player goodies on the side while working on … Read More

06 Sep '12

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Photos from the PAX Show Floor (PAX Prime 2012, Seattle)

PAX! Last week was a big one – first time ever we showed a playable demo of My Giants to people outside of the team – better yet, we did it at PAX. With all the bugs and crashes and … Read More

31 Aug '12

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My Giants PAX 2012 Trailer

….And we’re off to PAX 2012.

See you there :)

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