August 31, 2016

Our Newest Project: Markd — A Pinterest for People

About Our Newest Project, Markd

The Why: Markd was born, quite simply, out of a personal need. At Pepwuper, a big part of my job is seeking out talent who can help on our various projects, both internal and for clients. I love doing this – finding people who are incredibly good at what they do, be it pixel artists, illustrators, plugin developers, animators, or sound producers.

Searching for Talent isn’t Straight Forward, Though

I often spend hours digging through Behance, GitHub, DeviantArt, Twitter, Linkedin… etc. to find the best creative work and to learn about the person behind it. It’s a fun, inspiring task and the possibility of working with these people on upcoming projects excites me.

When it comes to keeping track of all the interesting people I find online, however, the job becomes tedious. Because no platform has everyone on it, I usually end up creating Twitter lists, using favourites/following systems on the different sites listed above, and creating a giant spreadsheet with everyone’s information in it so that I can search and find people in one place.

It Ain’t Ideal…

Not only is this a tiresome (boring!) task, the lack of visuals on the spreadsheet makes it difficult to keep track of and find the professionals I was so excited about. People slip through the net and all of this takes time.

The Solution: A “Pinterest for People!”

I wanted a better way to go about the process. A simple tool that would allow me to save someone into my “book of interesting people”, no matter which site I find them on. I wanted it to be easy with image/description automatically filled out. I wanted it to allow me to save reference images. And I wanted it to have a simple way for me to organise and search those I’ve bookmarked later on.

And so, was born!Markd - Pinterest for People

A simple browser plugin for you to quickly bookmark people on any website.

How it Works:
  • It grabs profile images and descriptions automatically from popular sites.
  • You can then add a personal note, reference images and organise people with tags.
  • Later on, you can easily find them.

Markd chrome plugin

Simple as that!

So when you need to remember that one awesome VR developer with the pirate ship demo you saw two months ago, simply do a search on “pirate” or “VR” and find her in your account.

I started to solve my problem of tracking the talent I found online. And now I am just a little bit too excited to not share it with people who might also be tired of doing this in a spreadsheet.

Want to give it a go?

It’s still a little rough around the edges, and there are features that are still experimental (merging for example). But it is one of my must-use tools right now and I hope you find good use for it too!

Download it for your Chrome browser here: here – it’s totally free. Markd on Chrome Extension Store

Markd - It's all about the people

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