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02 Mar '18

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Augmented Reality – 3D Navigation

Now that Curious Blocks has been submitted to the App Store, I want to step back and take a minute to talk about what we’ve learned about the control aspect of AR apps and games.

We decided last year to … Read More

31 Aug '16

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Our Newest Project: Markd — A Pinterest for People

About Our Newest Project, Markd

The Why: Markd was born, quite simply, out of a personal need. At Pepwuper, a big part of my job is seeking out talent who can help on our various projects, both internal and for clients. … Read More

25 May '16

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Ever Wanted to Make Your Own Video Game?

Good news – you can make a simple mobile game with no coding required!

Hi there. After the success of Brandon’s first online class, teaching students how to use Unity to make a 3D game (1600 students and counting!), we’ve … Read More

10 Feb '15

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Speaking at Reboot Develop

We will be at Reboot Develop, the biggest game developers conference in south east Europe, taking place from April 23 to 25 in the lovely city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Brandon will be speaking at the conference alongside many of our heroes … Read More

15 Jan '15

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Meet Us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!

We are going to Barcelona! Come visit our booth at Mobile World Congress from March 2nd to 5th. This will be the first time we are at MWC, one of the largest mobile conference in the world and we are … Read More

11 Nov '14

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Pocket Fireball – Note on Design

The Available Prototype

I realized I have essentially built a basic system for a 2D platformer after I finished recording the videos for our 2D Unity class. “Why waste a perfectly good prototype” I thought, so I decided to make … Read More

03 Oct '14

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Unity Custom Search in the Address Bar (Omnibox)

Edit 2014-10-03: apparently there’s an even faster way to set this up (courtesy of /u/jakkarth). Right click on the search field on the custom search engine, “add as search engine”, and fill out the same forms as in Step 3 … Read More

30 Aug '14

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Indie Dev Q&A: 4Gency, Seattle

It’s time for another inspirational indie dev Q&A! This time, we talked with Charles Cox of 4gency, Seattle.

1. Name and location

Charles Cox from 4gency, in Seattle WA.

2. How long have you been an indie dev?

The studio has … Read More

29 Aug '14

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Worth Backing – Kenney Land by Kenney Vleugels

We make extensive use of the brilliant Kenney’s 2D platformer art pack in our Unity + PlayMaker 2D class. Creator Kenney Vleugels has been producing excellent art assets that are freely available for game developers to experiment and build … Read More

15 Aug '14

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Indie Dev Q&A: Robby Zinchak from Archive Entertainment

The awesome Robby Z is the creator of 8BitMMO, a giant construction sandbox game with over 500k+ registered players. The game has deservedly been featured on Joystiq, RPS, Massively,, Yogscast, and many other quality publications. 8BitMMO has been Robby’s … Read More