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29 Aug '14

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Worth Backing – Kenney Land by Kenney Vleugels

We make extensive use of the brilliant Kenney’s 2D platformer art pack in our Unity + PlayMaker 2D class. Creator Kenney Vleugels has been producing excellent art assets that are freely available for game developers to experiment and build … Read More

17 Jun '14

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A Massive Thank You to Hutong Games

PlayMaker has make creating games on Unity even more easier and quicker, especially for artists and interactive designers. It has changed how I make games (and obviously if you look at our classes here, you’d know it’s my favorite … Read More

12 Jun '14

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Practice Your #gamedev Skills and Join an Online Game Jam on is “The indie game hosting marketplace” where game developers can post and sell their games. On top of that, people can also host game jams on the platform. I’ve participated in the Flappy Jam on before and loved … Read More

05 Jun '14

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A List of 12 Free GUI Resources

GUI is often the necessary evil in the game – you know you have to have it but you just don’t feel like making it. Well Indie Statik just posted a list of free GUI art resources for you to … Read More

01 Jun '14

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Toolkit for Indie Game Developers from Vlambeer

Indie game mega house Vlambeer has created multiple useful tools for indie game developers from marketing to development tips. They’ve recently updated their list of tools and resources in Vlambeer toolkit & link repository — a tremendously useful resource for all indie … Read More

31 May '14

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Jan Willem Nijman, Co-founder of Vlambeer, on The art of screenshake

Fantastic and practical talk on the feeling of games – see how Jan transformed a simple platformer into a fun prototype with 30 tricks.

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