“You’d be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic, competent, and reliable engineering team. I highly recommend Brandon, he and his team would be a strong addition to any project.”

Andrew Gulotta, Development Manager at DICE (EA), Producer at Bento Box Interactive

What We Do

Studio Pepwuper make games and apps for mobile and tablets. We also offer Unity 3D development (games and plug-ins) and consultation services for developers and creatives on game and software development.

In a nutshell: we help individuals, small businesses, and big corporations alike turn an idea into an experience!

With a unique business background in addition to the creative aspect, Studio Pepwuper is the perfect choice for development, with the added bonus of expertise in the bigger stuff such as branding and strategy.

Contact us and let us know how we can help.

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Games for Entertainment, Education, Change

Whether you want to create a brand new world, tell an engaging story, or build an addictive puzzle, we can help you turn your idea into a reality.

  • Full Service Game Development
  • MMO, Mobile, Desktop, and/or Social Platforms
  • All stages supported – Idea Generation, Pre-production, Development, through to Release

Apps for brands & businesses

We help you to reach a broader audience and expand your brand  with an app or game experience.

  • Full Service Advertising-Game Development
  • Interaction Monitoring, Result Tracking and Analysis
  • Strategy Consulting included

Our Principles

  • Communication: Communication is key in everything we do, and we strive for frequent and consistent communication with all our clients.
  • Transparency: We keep our clients engaged in the entire development process by making it transparent and accessible.
  • Trust: The essence of our customer service is trust. We only consider a project a success when we can build a long trusting relationship with our clients.

“… intelligent, creative, and adaptable to changes while focusing on the end goal.  I found it really easy to work with Brandon, even remotely. Highly recommended.”

Robert Laing, CEO & Co-Founder of Gengo


  • Prototyping, Concept Art, Character Design, 2D/3D Modeling & Animation
  • UI, Interaction, and Game Design
  • Technical Development for Mobile, Tablets, Desktop, and Browsers
  • MMO/Multi-player Networking & Backend Server-side Development
  • Unity 3D Consultation

Platforms & Technology

  • Smartphones & Tablets: iOS/Xcode, Android Development
  • Desktop: Windows, Mac / OSX
  • Browser: Social Networks, Web portals
  • Technology: Unity3D, Flash, HTML5 development

“Brandon is a passionate professional with an entrepreneurial spirit that I’d recommend to anyone, especially in the fields of new venture and new media.”

Takeshi Homma, Executive Officer, Digital Content Promotion Office at Rakuten

Ready to start building your game? Contact us or email [email protected].