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29 Aug '12

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Posters for PAX, Printed! :)

A nice local printing shop (Perfect Copy & Print) helped me got these nice posters printed quickly today. Awesome service – answered all my beginner questions about printing, sizing…etc. Nothing beats a nice local experience!

Without further ado, here are … Read More

19 Aug '12

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PAX 2012!

(if your browser doesn’t support flash, go here for the images)

What is PAX?

GAMES! Lots and lots of games. In fact, ALL types of games you can think of – console games, PC games, mobile games, tabletop games, toys, casual … Read More

06 Aug '12

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Building a Massively Multiplayer Game with Unity3D

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is one of the biggest Unity3D based browser MMO games (if not THE biggest), and we are very excited to have our very own Chad Berry from the Seattle Unity3D User Group, who was one of … Read More

04 Aug '12

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My Giants at Seattle Indies Expo!

Where were we last Sunday? Seattle Indies Expo 2! First time people outside of Studio Pepwuper put their hands on My Giants. Talk about a nerve wracking experience! Good thing is, we survived to show you the pictures! :D

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28 Jul '12

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Make Games with This!

We love making games, and I bet a lot of you want to make games yourselves too! So we’ve put together this eBook to introduce the tools we use, from crafting a virtual world, creating interactions, all the way to … Read More

27 Jul '12

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Oh! To Be Immortalized

People can spend $100s on a myriad of age deifying cosmetics or spend all of their adult life on a search for the Fountain of Youth and here we are giving it to you for free! Why? Simply because we love our … Read More

25 Jul '12

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Seattle Indies Expo

What are you doing this Sunday? …….Nothing much?   Come down to DigiPen Institute of Technology Redmond campus in Seattle, Washington from 10am – 5pm for the Seattle Indies Expo.   

Protect your face when you play this video because … Read More

04 Jul '12

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Time-lapse: Modeling the Shadow Giant – Part 1

My Giants – Shadow Timelapse 1 from Studio Pepwuper on Vimeo.

The third giant to appear in My Giants is of a different style… a ghostly, almost spiritual form of life. He might look a bit intimidating at first, but … Read More

26 Jun '12

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Unity3D + Kinect Awesomeness! – Seattle Unity3D User Group, June 2012

Kinect changed the way we interact with technology and games. And Jeff Munson is doing wonderful work putting Unity3D and Kinect together to help the research on Autism.

Come join us in a demonstration of Unity working with Kinect, and … Read More

11 Jun '12

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Wallpaper for you! Robot Nick Wallpaper 1920×1200

Guess who’s ready for prime time TV?  Nick the Robot! We’ve given him a test in the game and he performs fantastically both in the browser and on the iPad 2, so we are giving him even more screen time … Read More