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19 Nov '13

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Unity 3D for App and Game Development

For game and app development, Studio Pepwuper loves to use Unity 3D as our main software. If you’ve been thinking about getting into game or app development, or are a client looking for app development and are wondering what software … Read More

16 Jul '13

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We’ve Joined REACTOR! A Game Accelerator Program in Seattle

We’ve been officially selected as one of the teams in the REACTOR program this season! REACTOR is Washington Interactive Network’s revolutionary new launch accelerator for interactive media. We’ve moved into the office space provided by the program, and met … Read More

06 Sep '12

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Photos from the PAX Show Floor (PAX Prime 2012, Seattle)

PAX! Last week was a big one – first time ever we showed a playable demo of My Giants to people outside of the team – better yet, we did it at PAX. With all the bugs and crashes and … Read More

19 Aug '12

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PAX 2012!

(if your browser doesn’t support flash, go here for the images)

What is PAX?

GAMES! Lots and lots of games. In fact, ALL types of games you can think of – console games, PC games, mobile games, tabletop games, toys, casual … Read More

04 Aug '12

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My Giants at Seattle Indies Expo!

Where were we last Sunday? Seattle Indies Expo 2! First time people outside of Studio Pepwuper put their hands on My Giants. Talk about a nerve wracking experience! Good thing is, we survived to show you the pictures! :D

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28 Jul '11

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What We are Making: Re-creating Childhood Memories

A lot of us remember playing with neighborhood kids on the streets when we were little. That is how we spent most of our time after school – meeting up with friends before sunset, and coming up with … Read More

28 Jul '11

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Next Leg of the Journey

After one year of iPhone game development, we have grown from a one man shop to a small team of superheroes. It is pure joy to see our first two games released on the App Store after all the … Read More