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01 May '14

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Article on Tut+: Surviving GDC: Tips for Game Conference Success

Brandon writes on on Tut+ Game Development on lessons learned from his experience attending GDC (Game Developers Conference).

My first GDC experience, in 2010, was terrifying. I had just started my studio the month before, and, as excited as … Read More

16 Jul '13

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We’ve Joined REACTOR! A Game Accelerator Program in Seattle

We’ve been officially selected as one of the teams in the REACTOR program this season! REACTOR is Washington Interactive Network’s revolutionary new launch accelerator for interactive media. We’ve moved into the office space provided by the program, and met … Read More

11 Oct '10


Fight! – Competition in The Indie Game Industry #indiegames #gamedev

Competition. If you are in the private sector, you know what I am talking about. Coca Cola vs Pepsi, Activision vs EA, Toyota vs GE. And I am all for having a healthy dose of competition. After … Read More

23 Sep '10

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3 Quick Lessons from My Failed Project on Kickstarter

(Optional Reading: backstory) I’ve known about Kickstarter – the crowd-funding website for a few months and always thought it’s a cool platform for creative projects to raise some money to get them started. A few months ago there was … Read More

10 Aug '10

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FWD: in UK, Independent Studios Choose Self-Publishing, Digital Distribution


New survey in UK says,

64% Game Developers self-publish, of which 96% are independent studios.

52% on iPhone platform 38% on PC 36% on PSN 16% on Xbox Live

And for those who self-publish, 72% digitally distribute … Read More

02 Aug '10

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For Unity3D Stats Junkies – Web Player Hardware Statistics

Unity Web Player Hardware Statistics

  • 2010 2nd quarter
  • 2010 1st quarter
  • 2009 4th quarter
  • 2009 3rd quarter
  • 2009 2nd quarter
  • 2009 1st quarter
  • 2008 4th quarter
  • 2008 3rd quarter
  • 2008 2nd quarter
  • 2008 1st quarter
  • All-time statistics

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