May 1, 2014

Article on Tut+: Surviving GDC: Tips for Game Conference Success

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Brandon writes on on Tut+ Game Development on lessons learned from his experience attending GDC (Game Developers Conference).

My first GDC experience, in 2010, was terrifying. I had just started my studio the month before, and, as excited as I was to see all the amazing games and meet the incredible teams, I was also very intimidated and overwhelmed. I felt small, and was anxious whenever I tried to initiate a conversation or meet a new person at the conference. What do people talk about? How do I join a conversation? Who should I talk to?

After a few years of conference-going, I’ve learned a few tricks that were useful at GDC ’14 last week. Hopefully, you’ll find some of them helpful for your first few game conferences, as well…

Read the entire article here: Surviving GDC: Tips for Game Conference Success by Brandon Wu


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