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19 Nov '11

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What’s a City without Its Buildings?

For #ScreenshotSaturday today, we are taking you to the slowly developing city in which Run Megan Run takes place. We are experimenting with a few different ways to set up the scene, and this is the setup this week. Like? … Read More

22 Oct '11

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The Real Obstacles

Terribly sorry for the lack of updates in the last few weeks! Brandon went on a trip to Unite and we couldn’t calm down his excitement afterwards until two days ago. On the other hand, the obstacles in the … Read More

17 Sep '11

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My Giants – Controlling Your Giants (dev demo)

(Scroll down to the game directly)Giants in the game are indirectly controlled by the players. Our idea is to have the players issue commands to them, and they will behave accordingly on their own. For example, you can tell … Read More

09 Sep '11

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My Giants Development Montage, 2011-09-10

It’s been three months since we started working on My Giants. The game seems to start taking life on its own with each design, technology, or direction change. Here’s a quick one minute video to show you our progress so … Read More

02 Sep '11

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Concept Art – Shadow the Mysterious Giant

Every story needs a mystery. For My Giants, it’s Shadow, the mysterious giant that’s silently skillful. We want him to be a master in stealth and disguise. Think of him as your Spy from Team Fortress series, plus a … Read More

26 Aug '11


Screenshot Saturday – Nick the Robot Giant

For #screenshotsaturday this week, we have a new giant for you! Nick is our first robot giant. He is the in-house engineer who has the ability to build and remove traps, repair buildings, roads, bridges…etc. He might not … Read More

30 Jul '11

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Screenshot Saturday – Hopscotch Saturday

For #ScreenshotSaturday this week, we present you the hopscotch! We’ve also changed the way we do minimap to improve performance. This screenshot is taken from a networked session with two players.

Coming next week, UI … Read More

28 Jul '11

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Screenshot Saturday – Development Update

For #ScreenshotSaturday this week, we are showing you a quick snapshot of our current development in the Unity engine. After weeks of back-end networking engineering, we’ve finally had some time this week to work on the front-end part … Read More

28 Jul '11

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Screenshot Saturday – Multi-player Testing with Unity3D and Photon

After some development and testing with Unity Networking, we decided to give Photon a try and see if it can better suit our needs. We had to re-write the majority of codes in order to switch, but we … Read More