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19 Nov '11

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What’s a City without Its Buildings?

For #ScreenshotSaturday today, we are taking you to the slowly developing city in which Run Megan Run takes place. We are experimenting with a few different ways to set up the scene, and this is the setup this week. Like? … Read More

22 Oct '11

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The Real Obstacles

Terribly sorry for the lack of updates in the last few weeks! Brandon went on a trip to Unite and we couldn’t calm down his excitement afterwards until two days ago. On the other hand, the obstacles in the … Read More

18 Sep '11

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Playable Update – A Practice Room to Test Your Reflexes

Tired of going to the gym? Yeah me too. Why not just chill on your sofa and give this first playable demo of Run Megan Run a try instead? ;)

In this demo, we’d like to show you the … Read More

03 Sep '11

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Run Megan Run – Prototype Video

And here we’ve got a fresh video of Run Megan Run for you! Let us know your thoughts! :)

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03 Sep '11

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Prototype – Run Megan Run

Run Megan Run is a prototype we started developing a week ago. It started as a fun idea of re-using the female model and animations already created, and turning it into a platforming game. We spent some time on … Read More