September 17, 2011

My Giants – Controlling Your Giants (dev demo)

(Scroll down to the game directly)
Giants in the game are indirectly controlled by the players. Our idea is to have the players issue commands to them, and they will behave accordingly on their own. For example, you can tell the Rock Giant to punch a specific point on the ground to deal area damage. The Rock Giant will go to that point and act according to your command, and afterwards he’ll go back to “Protect” mode, wander around you and attack enemies nearby automatically.

We decided that this helps simplifying control (especially for the iPad) so the player doesn’t have to worry about controlling two characters at the same time (avatar & giant), but remain control over his/her giant. It’ll be like telling your dog to go fetch! :)

You can give this a try below, and please pardon the glitches as everything is still under construction. :) Let us know your thoughts!
(Unity Webplayer Plugin Required. If the game is slow, try going into full-screen mode by right clicking on the screen.)

  • The Rock Giant will follow you and attack other players nearby.
  • Press “Q” and click on the ground to have him punch and deal area damage there.
  • Press “W” and click on the ground to have him create a wall at that point.

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