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02 Mar '18

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Augmented Reality – 3D Navigation

Now that Curious Blocks has been submitted to the App Store, I want to step back and take a minute to talk about what we’ve learned about the control aspect of AR apps and games.

We decided last year to … Read More

03 Oct '14

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Unity Custom Search in the Address Bar (Omnibox)

Edit 2014-10-03: apparently there’s an even faster way to set this up (courtesy of /u/jakkarth). Right click on the search field on the custom search engine, “add as search engine”, and fill out the same forms as in Step 3 … Read More

12 May '14

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Join us at Microsoft in Chicago for A Day of Unity

(Photo by Wally Argus, used under Creative Commons License (CC BY-ND 2.0))

We are going to Chicago! Brandon will be hosting a workshop at the Microsoft office in Chicago for their “A Day of Unity” event on Wed May 14. … Read More

06 Aug '12

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Building a Massively Multiplayer Game with Unity3D

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is one of the biggest Unity3D based browser MMO games (if not THE biggest), and we are very excited to have our very own Chad Berry from the Seattle Unity3D User Group, who was one of … Read More

26 Jun '12

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Unity3D + Kinect Awesomeness! – Seattle Unity3D User Group, June 2012

Kinect changed the way we interact with technology and games. And Jeff Munson is doing wonderful work putting Unity3D and Kinect together to help the research on Autism.

Come join us in a demonstration of Unity working with Kinect, and … Read More

21 May '12

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Unity3D Asset Store Discussion (and Free Unity Pro Giveaway!) – Seattle Unity3D Usergroup

Join 30+ Unity developers tomorrow night at the Unity3D Seattle Usergroup Meetup! We’ll be discussing plugins and the Unity Asset Store. It’s an open discussion and feel free to drop by and say hi!

Find More Out and Sign Up … Read More

10 Mar '12

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Robot vs Rock

For the past few weeks we’ve been working on adding a second Giant, Nick the Robot, into the game. The Robot Giant is similar to the Engineer in Team Fortress, someone who can build turrets! (55 sec mark on the … Read More

23 Nov '11


Unity3D Multiplayer Game Development – Unity Networking, Photon, and uLink Comparison for My Giants

Creating multiplayer game logic for My Giants turned out to be a very challenging task. There are many concepts and different layers of complexity that need to be addressed in order to get good results. For us, the … Read More

03 May '11


Touch to Mouse Input Converter for PlayMaker on Unity 3D #unity3d #gamedev


If you are using PlayMaker plugin for Unity3D and are struggling with touch input in your game built with mouse events, I made a FSM to convert touch input into mouse input in my project so that it … Read More

06 Dec '10

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Reference: How to fix “Base SDK missing” after updating to Xcode 3.2.3/3.2.5


I’m going to explain why this is going on, and then how fix the specific “Base SDK Missing” problem. You can skip to the bottom for just the fix, though I recommend reading all of this. I also … Read More