Unity3D | Studio Pepwuper - Part 2

06 Dec '10

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Reference: How to fix “Base SDK missing” after updating to Xcode 3.2.3/3.2.5


I’m going to explain why this is going on, and then how fix the specific “Base SDK Missing” problem. You can skip to the bottom for just the fix, though I recommend reading all of this. I also … Read More

18 Nov '10

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FWD: col000r: Unity: Have scripts run while the game doesn’t

Unity: Have scripts run while the game doesn’t

There’s a way to force scripts to run even if the game is not running in the Editor:

In Javascript, simply put this on the top of the script:

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10 Nov '10

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Reference: switching ON/OFF a C# script with a javascript script during runtime. #unity3D

make sure you’ve put the files in the right places per this document:…dvanced29.html

Next, try this code. It works with both scripts are components on the same object:


Code: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class FrameCounter : … Read More

02 Aug '10

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For Unity3D Stats Junkies – Web Player Hardware Statistics

Unity Web Player Hardware Statistics

  • 2010 2nd quarter
  • 2010 1st quarter
  • 2009 4th quarter
  • 2009 3rd quarter
  • 2009 2nd quarter
  • 2009 1st quarter
  • 2008 4th quarter
  • 2008 3rd quarter
  • 2008 2nd quarter
  • 2008 1st quarter
  • All-time statistics

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15 Jul '10

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Unity3D Beginners Tip Of The Day: Dealing with Error “BCE0018: The name… does not denote a valid type.”

I ran into this problem when I tried to access a function in a class/script that I’ve downloaded from the wiki from another script that I wrote. I kept getting this BCE0018 error telling me “The name (class name) does … Read More

10 Jul '10


Unity3D for Beginners: Adding Shadow / Outline, and Changing Font Size / Color on the Text #Unity3D

After toying with a few different methods of creating in-game text, I decided to use guiText for it’s simplicity and for all the GUI scripts you can use from Unity Wiki.  Unity 3D does not have a visual GUI … Read More

08 Jul '10

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Unity Beginner Tip of the Day: Rigidbody Required for Collision/Trigger Events #Unity3D

“If you are moving a GameObject through its Transform component but you want to receive Collision/Trigger messages, you must attach a Rigidbody to the object that is moving.”


From – Unity Reference Document: Rigidbody

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02 Jul '10

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Unity3D for Beginners: Creating the Visual for the Line of Sight / Vision Cone / Field of View

I put off creating a visual representation for the line of sight for the NPCs in the game for quite some time. It just seemed very complicated, especially after various forum posts I’ve read where everyone has different opinions … Read More