My Giants | Studio Pepwuper - Part 2

21 May '12

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Nick the Robot Giant – Quick Preview

Almost there! Still need to add a few more details / items / weapons …etc. but here’s a sneak 360˚ preview!

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08 Apr '12

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Time-lapse: Modeling the Robot Giant Nick – Part 3

How to model a 3D Robot? Part 3 of the video time-lapse for modeling the Robot Giant Nick! We are finishing up with his legs and lower body. Also check out part 2: arms and torso, part 1: head and shoulders, … Read More

28 Mar '12


Time-lapse: Modeling the Robot Giant Nick – Part 2

Link to Video: (p.s. 26-minute version here (slower speed with more details.)

Part 2 of the video time-lapse for modeling the Robot Giant Nick! We are now onto his arms and torso. Leave a comment if you have any … Read More

22 Mar '12


Time-lapse: Modeling the Robot Giant Nick – Part 1

(p.s. 40-minute version here (slower speed with more details.)

If you’ve seen our last video update, you might have noticed a familiar face… Yes, we’ve been borrowing Lerp from Unity Tutorial as our temporary robot giant until Nick is … Read More

17 Mar '12

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Character Sketches – Manga Style

More character sketches! We want My Giants to be as character driven as possible, and we love to have them sketched! Here are some new images for you – same characters, slightly different style. Let us know your thoughts in … Read More

10 Mar '12

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Robot vs Rock

For the past few weeks we’ve been working on adding a second Giant, Nick the Robot, into the game. The Robot Giant is similar to the Engineer in Team Fortress, someone who can build turrets! (55 sec mark on the … Read More

11 Feb '12

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Giants Synchronized in New Version

We have started moving more and more elements from our previous version (video link) based on Photon to the new version based on uLink. This week we have the giants synchronized, so each player can summon their giant onto the … Read More

23 Nov '11


Unity3D Multiplayer Game Development – Unity Networking, Photon, and uLink Comparison for My Giants

Creating multiplayer game logic for My Giants turned out to be a very challenging task. There are many concepts and different layers of complexity that need to be addressed in order to get good results. For us, the … Read More

17 Sep '11

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My Giants – Controlling Your Giants (dev demo)

(Scroll down to the game directly)Giants in the game are indirectly controlled by the players. Our idea is to have the players issue commands to them, and they will behave accordingly on their own. For example, you can tell … Read More

09 Sep '11

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My Giants Development Montage, 2011-09-10

It’s been three months since we started working on My Giants. The game seems to start taking life on its own with each design, technology, or direction change. Here’s a quick one minute video to show you our progress so … Read More