Client: 4gency

The Brief / Project:

With multiple conferences and trade shows coming up, Pepwuper were approached by the talented team at 4gency in order to ramp up the development of their esteemed game, Habitat. We worked alongside 4gency to prepare the strategy game for release on Steam. We built the user-generatec-content system and tools for players to create custom spaceships, and upload to Steam Workshop to share with other players.



About the Client:


4gency is an independent game studio based in Seattle that creates intriguing games for Mobile, Tablet, and PC.

Kind Words:

We needed expert coders to develop key features in parallel with our own development team, and Brandon’s team truly stepped up to the challenge. They were communicative, fast, and thorough in scoping and developing the features we needed, and changes to scope or timing were clearly messaged and handed appropriately; Brandon and team have been excellent to work with.

– Charles Cox, Founder and CEO of 4gency

Available now on Steam: