Visual Vocab SAT App

The Brief / Project

Visual Vocab

The guys at Seattle’s Mighty Oak Test Prep company spotted a gap in the market for an app to help students prepare for the SAT through an image-based vocabulary learning app. They came to Pepwuper to make their great idea a reality!

The Results:

Visual Vocab shows students the 305 vocab words they need to know for the SAT. The app is unique in that it is illustrated with awesome, high impact pictures and is based on the newest science about effective learning (mixed modality presentation: visual, auditory, practice, play, choice, change).

Memorable, striking – even funny! – pictures teach absolutely essential SAT words. Students have the chance to customize this app’s word list, picture deck and sounds in order to boost attention, memory and scores.

Available now on the iTunes App Store.

About the Client

Mighty Oak Games are a technology mobile education company based in Seattle, founded by the same awesome guys from the Mighty Oak Test Prep company.