Alicia Keys: Journals of Mama Mae

The Brief / Project:

Bento Box Interactive collaborated with the Grammy award-winning artist Alicia Keys to bring to life her children’s ebook The Journals of Mama Mae.

To ensure the ebook was as interactive as possible, Bento came to us to create a set of tools and Unity plugins that would manage the content and interactions in the app. This brought the app experience to life by ensuring that readers could interact with characters through touching, tapping and swiping.


The app was picked as’s ‘Kids’ App of the Week’ and was covered by Mashable and Business Insider as well as a host of parenting bloggers.

The Journals of Mama Mae & LeeLee is a project that is very dear to my heart and incredibly important to me.

– Alicia Keys


Client Profile:

Bento Box Interactive

Bento Box Interactive

Bento Box Interactive (“BBI”) is an entertainment-based tech company. BBI develops, publishes, and markets immersive storytelling experiences across various media and formats, ranging from audio-enhanced e-books to apps for mobile, tablet, and other digital devices.

Kind Words:

“Dependable. Knowledgeable. Skilled. If I’m ever looking for additional help again, Brandon and Pepwuper will be the first people I talk to!”

– Derek Hernandez, Producer at Bento Box Interactive / Live Producer at Carbine Studios