Auto Club Speedway: Lefty’s Road Rally

The Brief / Project:

Auto Club Speedway: Lefty’s Road Rally


Lefty’s Reading Challenge is a reading program created by Auto Club Speedway in California. This innovative program gets children reading with the help of Lefty, the president of Auto Club Speedway’s Kids Club. Since 2010 when the free reading program was launched it has enrolled over 120,000 kids across four Southern California county school districts.

Alongside the books, Auto Club Speedway (a track of The Nascar Foundation) wished to release a storybook app for the iPad to further encourage reading improvement among school-age children.

Pepwuper was approached by Bento Box Interactive to develop all aspects of the iPad storybook app, minus the design elements.


Some of the features we incorporated into the experience included:

  • Ability to highlight words from the narrator
  • Touching and swiping interactions on each page to bring the story to life
  • A professionally recorded narration, sound effects, and musical score

The app currently has 5 stars on the App Store, with user comments such as:

This game / interactive book is delightful. The art style and player involvement on each page makes the story very enjoyable!

Find out more at: Lefty Kids Club by Auto Club Speedway


Client Profile:

Bento Box InteractiveBento Box Interactive

Bento Box Interactive (“BBI”) is an entertainment-based tech company focused on building a digital platform to distribute literary and entertainment properties to consumers through social and mobile media.

Kind Words:

“Dependable. Knowledgeable. Skilled. During my time as Producer at Bento Box Interactive, we had a number of specialty mobile projects in different stages of development. We needed additional engineers to help us reach our milestones, and fast.

Brandon and his ace team at Pepwuper not only were able to deliver and help address our needs, but they exceeded expectations. Always a pleasure to talk to, Brandon continuously went out of his way (not that I think we were always an inconvenience) to ensure we were taken care of and working with the best engineers suited for each project.

If I’m ever looking for additional help again, Brandon and Pepwuper will be the first people I talk to!”

– Derek Hernandez, Producer at Bento Box Interactive / Live Producer at Carbine Studios