June 3, 2010

iTween for #Unity – Awesome Tool for Animating Objects in #Unity3D

Although a bit intimidating with all the syntax on the website, iTween is a great tool for moving stuff around and shaking things up in Unity. After reading about it many times, I’ve finally given it a try and wow what a great add-on! Especially useful for Unity iPhone as the Animation Editor is not available.

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  • Stuart

    I couldn’t agree more. We used it for a simple recoil action on our first game and absolutely loved how easy it is to use. I’ll be keeping it around.

    • Bob Berkebile

      I’m glad you guys are digging it! I can’t wait until I get version 2.0 finished and can unleash it on the world! Get ready for some more tween goodness!

  • Mani

    I have been meaning to sit down and spend more time with iTween. I also posted a list on InfiniteUnity3D Of useful tools. Drop by and check it out.

  • Plinan

    definitely one of the top must have tools for Unity developers IMO. Can’t wait for the next version! :)

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