One Month Game School

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Ever wanted to make your own indie game?

If you have a great idea for a game but no programming background, there is no need to despair. With the technology and tools available today, you can start creating the game you’ve always wanted to make as soon as, well, today!

About the class:  This class/ video series is hosted on the educational site Skillshare. It’s self-paced, comes with lifetime access, and the ability to ask questions to the teacher, Brandon Wu, at any time via the class forums.

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An amazing experience that I recommend to everyone who is interested in game development.”

Govind Balachandran, Writer for OrdinaryGamer.Co.Uk

Who is This Class for?

This class is for beginners with no prior game development or programming experience. If you know how to code in Javascript, C#, Object-C, Basic, this may be too basic for you. With 450+ students already taken the class, we’ve had a wide range of students from different backgrounds, and from all over the world! We’ve also had parents taking the course together with their kids (the youngest was 8 years old) – so this course is definitely kid-friendly.


The class was fantastic. Brandon really helped me make Unity accessible and less intimidating. He posted a ton of videos and provided me with useful feedback on my project. Highly recommended!”

Guido Gautsch


A terrific class! Brandon’s videos are very informative, clear and well structured. …Highly recommended”

Kalonica Quigley


This class is awesome. The videos are concise and informative and everyone is really helpful.

Mitch Pengilly


What You Will Create

Together with the class, we will re-create two gaming classics to get you started with game development – Breakout and Doodle Jump! Feedback will be provided throughout the course and be sure to attend the Office Hour on Google Hangout for Q&A.

We will build these two games for computers – PCs and Macs, and towards the end of the course we will discuss what to do if you want to build games for mobile, tablets, browsers, and/or consoles.


I really enjoyed this class and learned tremendously – Brandon is a very clear instructor and the projects were useful and instructive. Highly recommended!”

Jennifer Proctor


Knew nothing about making a video game. Introduced to two softwares that can make great games. Teacher is unbelievably great! Gives of his time freely and answers all questions and goes out of his way to make sure you understand and have what you need to succeed in this class and more. I highly recommend this class!!”

Erika Yocom


Brandon Wu and his skillshare class were a blessing from God. Exactly what I needed to begin my journey into game development. I will DEFINITELY take ANY other classes taught by Brandon Wu! Thank you Brandon!! (I will probably one day thank you again in my memoirs)”

Nicholas Mitchell

Amazing Student Projects!


What You Will Need

  • To put aside 7-10 hours a week for 4 weeks
  • A modern PC / Mac with 3D graphic compatibility (if you bought your computer in the past 5 years, it should be good enough.)
  • To download and install the Unity3D game engine (FREE). We will be using Unity 3D for this class. Don’t worry about the seemingly complicated interface. We will go over it in the class – piece of cake!

>>> Students will be provided a special student version of the popular Unity 3D Tool – PlayMaker! This is the tool that enables us to create games without writing codes. Thanks to Hutong Games, this special student version will include ALL actions in the tool (note: student version not for commercial use).


Past Students Say That…

Brandon has created an EXCELLENT class for introducing people to the power of Unity 3D and Playmaker. The tutorial videos are very well thought out and easy for a brand new user of the software to follow. Each week I learned skills and techniques that I could use immediately in my own projects. Whenever I had questions, Brandon was more than willing to answer my questions. ”

Steven Livingstone

Brandon’s ability to teach the class with the right balance of theory and practical direction makes learning easy and fun. I found him to be responsive to questions that weren’t covered originally and he had an open line of communication for every student the whole class. I don’t think your money is spent on Brandon’s class, rather it’s invested in yourself, so do yourself a favour and start learning today!”

Robert Duffill

Brandon Wu’s class was simply the most richest online educational experience I’ve ever had! So much content, so much detail, and so so much fun! I would recommend this class to anyone who has even the slightest of interest in how games are made. I’ve paid 50 times more for an online class, and this has been the best!”

Brian Anderson

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