Curious Blocks

Augmented Reality Creative App

The Brief / Project:

(This was a full-service project from ideation, design, to development and release.)

Curious Blocks is an Augmented Reality block building creative app for kids and adults alike where people can build wonderful 3D characters and worlds with the magic touch of AR on their phones!

  • With Simple and Intuitive control: Create models by stacking blocks together, just like playing with real blocks. With intuitive camera movement and finger gestures to rotate, pan, and scale your models, you can see them from any angle.
    Utilises the latest technology in iOS Augmented Reality (AR): Thus Curious Blocks requires iPhone 6s or newer devices or equivalent iPads.
  • Social is built in: Take pictures of your models and share them on social media to show off your creations.
  • For parents, Curious Blocks is a great way for kids to spend time – expressing their creativity with no mess!
  • The 3D models created can be exported for use in game engines such as Unity, Unreal, and 3D modeling softwares such as Maya, Blender, 3ds Max…etc for the more advanced developer.

Satisfy your curiosity with Curious Blocks! Suitable for all ages.

Client Profile:

The Curious Collective is a social media and augmented reality startup based in Cambridge, England.