Buddy & Me (for Samsung Smart TV)

The Brief / Project:

Sunbreak Games’ app store-featured game Buddy & Me was selected for release on Samsung’s latest smart TVs, a project that would require a port from the game engine Marmalade, to Unity.


Pepwuper’s developers worked closely with the team of brilliant designers and artists from Sunbreak and prepared the game for multi-platform distribution. New in-app purchase features were implemented connecting with Samsung’s new smart TV platform services. The game was successfully released on Samsung’s TVs in 2015.

Client Profile:

Sunbreak GamesSunbreak Games

Sunbreak Games LLC is a small independent game development studio founded in 2012 in the Great Pacific Northwest. Sunbreak is dedicated to creating magical family-friendly experiences, with a principled emphasis on quality craftsmanship and a belief that interactive entertainment can be an enriching experience with a positive impact.

Kind Words:

Brandon’s been an amazing advisor and mentor during collaboration with Sunbreak Games. He’s always aware of relevant industry trends, highly organized, and clear & direct with his analysis of everything from a project’s features to its longer-term resource management and monetization goals.

– Jason Behr, Creative Director at Sunbreak Games