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What is One Month Game School? It starts with a simple idea – everyone who wants to make games should be able to Start Making Games!

When I started making my own games over four years ago, because I did not have a technical background, it took me over a year to learn from scratch and create my first game. (An iPhone game built with Unity 1.6)

I have since gone on to build a game development studio to make games for ourselves and for others, while taking advantage of all the advancement in development tools and trends. It no longer requires years of scratching your head to create a game with the latest tools, and One Month Game School is where we help you take advantage of all the latest in Game Development. You can start turning your ideas into prototypes and playable games efficiently.

I want One Month Game School to be a place where artists, designers, and game hobbyists can learn and practice skills that aid their journey to making games, and a place where we all come together to exchange ideas, resources, and experiences.

I want this learning to be like a game itself – we will go on quests each month to acquire a new set of skills and to gain experiences. The more quests we take on, the more we retain the knowledge through practice and putting learned knowledge to use. I also want to make sure after each class, students are rewarded with an achievement – a product that you can show to your friends and family. This quest-reward-level up loop will be our guiding principle for this One Month Game School RPG!

The Bigger Vision

One Month Game School is about helping people to start making games, but there is a bigger vision behind it. Video games is the medium of our generation – rarely do people get to experience the birth of a new medium, be it radio, films, tv, theater, books…etc.. We are the lucky generation that have the opportunity to not only see the birth of Video Games, but also have the opportunity to shape the way it matures.

Many popular genres have been created in the past thirty years – 2D/3D platformers, match-3 puzzle games, open-world sandbox games, FPS…etc. to over a wide range of topics. But I think we can do more. Just as comic books don’t always have to be about super heroes, video games don’t always have to be about beating the bad guys, rescuing princesses, or driving fast cars.

All of that stuff is fun, but let’s start evolving the medium further.
How do we create more interesting topics and genres for games? We invite more people with different background and diverse ideas to make games! My hope is that by helping people who didn’t have the skills and knowledge and tools to make games to stat making games, we will start to see more and more interesting ideas, mechanics, controls, and topics for games.

We have seen very creative takes on traditional genres from our students already. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


The final piece of my goal for One Month Game School is after-school programs, especially for under privileged kids.

For my thirtieth birthday, my wife arranged a helicopter ride for me from a helicopter school in Compton, CA that teaches kids about flying helicopters. I was inspired. Robin and his team help to keep kids off the streets by getting them interested in aviation technology. Kids are fast learners and are impressionable. By giving them something positive to focus on, we can encourage learning and personal development.

I worked with CoderDojo to teach kids on game development, and I wish to do more of that soon. Definitely let me know if you are in the education field and have suggestions or ideas. This is a personal goal of mine and I would like to make this a bigger part of One Month Game School.

Well I think that’s about it for my answer to What One Month Game School is. Email me any time if you have any questions, feedback, or ideas and I look forward to seeing you in class! :-)


P.S. about the Helicoper school:

Time to Make Games

Start making games with us this month. Check out our classes (more coming soon) and contact us if you have any requests.