July 28, 2011

What We are Making: Re-creating Childhood Memories


A lot of us remember playing with neighborhood kids on the streets when we were little. That is how we spent most of our time after school – meeting up with friends before sunset, and coming up with silly games to play together – imagining a monster invading our homes, pretending to be cops and robbers, or simply throwing rubbish at each other. It was simple and fun to run around and chase each other.

And it’s probably the best social game we’ve ever played.

We decided to recreate this experience of playing with neighborhood kids. Each time you join a game, you interact with other players in real-time, with various goals to achieve. You might be asked to steal a treasure box from the other team, or be the first to find a hidden toy. You might need to run to school before everyone else does, or fend off stray dogs coming to your yard. We also want to keep our childhood imagination alive, so we are adding monsters, robots, and other things we loved as kids in the game. Don’t be suprised to see giant ninja monkey robot walking down the street with you.

For you gamers out there, we are building a new take on DotA – take out the fantasy theme, add a real-world setting, and put in a few flags to capture and NPCs to interact with. Some might call it DotA for kids, we’d like to think of it as a way for us to experience our childhood again.

Street Party Tempelhüpfen hopscotch