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11 Nov '14

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Pocket Fireball – Note on Design

The Available Prototype

I realized I have essentially built a basic system for a 2D platformer after I finished recording the videos for our 2D Unity class. “Why waste a perfectly good prototype” I thought, so I decided to make … Read More

03 Oct '14

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Unity Custom Search in the Address Bar (Omnibox)

Edit 2014-10-03: apparently there’s an even faster way to set this up (courtesy of /u/jakkarth). Right click on the search field on the custom search engine, “add as search engine”, and fill out the same forms as in Step 3 … Read More

12 May '14

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Join us at Microsoft in Chicago for A Day of Unity

(Photo by Wally Argus, used under Creative Commons License (CC BY-ND 2.0))

We are going to Chicago! Brandon will be hosting a workshop at the Microsoft office in Chicago for their “A Day of Unity” event on Wed May 14. … Read More