June 21, 2010

#iPhone SDK: 8 Valuable Developer Tools and Services #Unity3D

Good list of tools for iPhone developers. Full article at mobile.tuts.

iPhone SDK: 8 Valuable Developer Tools and Services

SimpleGeo: If you’re creating a location based service or an app that requires advanced location data, SimpleGeo may be the solution for you. Originally a location-based gaming company, SimpleGeo now provides developers with the means to create location-aware apps that can scale. Own valuable, proprietary geodata? You can put it on the SimpleGeo marketplace and charge other developers for using your data.

iLime: iLime is a tool for quickly integrating Push Notification and In App Purchase into your iPhone application. It is a scalable, affordable, pay-as-you-go tool that can be implemented very quickly

Urban Airship: Urban Airship is a Push Notification system for both the iPhone and Blackberry devices. The service also allows developers to integrate In App Purchase into their iPhone application. Integration with the Urban Airship storefront (i.e. In-App Purchase) gives developers the ability to deliver both free and paid content to their users.

Unity 3D: If you play games on your iPhone or iPodTouch device, you’ve likely used Unity 3D. Unity 3D is a game engine that is at the top of its class. Features like the iPhone enabled live preview demonstrate Unity’s commitment to helping developers quickly produce stunning content, making writing and testing code easier than ever.
Ansca is a tool that allows developers to make applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Ansca: Ansca is great for those with a background in Flash development, and future versions will include a game edition that incorporates physics, sprite sheets, and social features.

TapJoy: If you’re a developer looking to make money from your iPhone apps, TapJoy has created the perfect service for you. With a little work on your part, TapJoy will advertise your app across both mobile devices and the web by using promotions. When a user downloads the application to enter the promotion, you pay TapJoy for the install. This model is very similiar to affiliate sales. If you’re tired of traditional marketing methods, TapJoy may be the solution for you.

Pinch Analytics: Pinch Analytics is a service that is provided by Pinch Media. If you’re interested in who is using your application, how they are using it, and for how long, Pinch Analytics may be the tool for you. Developers can easily implement Pinch Analytics and create event tracking within their application.
appFigures is an online tool that allows iPhone developers to view data on their sales in beautiful charts. With a long list of features, appFigures is the most comprehensive tool for iPhone developers looking to get a grasp on their App Store data.

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