June 8, 2010

FWD: #Unity Turns 5, Happy Birthday! Rock On!

In 2003 three talented and creative individuals came together in Copenhagen, Denmark based on a shared vision about making their own game engine, one that they felt would quite literally change the game. They began to make that vision a reality while living the life of starving up-and-coming developers, working long hours and late nights with the hope that they would one day be able to share their dream with the world. Roughly two years later they did that and Unity was officially born. The first step came when Unity 1.0 was unveiled on stage at Apple’s WWDC conference on June 6, 2005. The second step came a day later when the first ever Unity license purchase was recorded on June 7, 2005, exactly five years ago today.

To help capture a bit of the feeling and emotion from those earliest of days I’d like to share some thoughts from David Helgason, our CEO. The following is taken from a blog post he made late at night on June 6th, the eve of Unity’s official release upon the world, titled “Last Day In This Life” (permalink):

I sincerely love my life.

It’s late again now, I’m listening to Xploding Plastix’ Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents of the hateful genre nu-jazz… however it’s completely lovable like anything which is insanely too much.

… yeah… last day of what life? We’re wrapping up the last stuff for Unity, due to be released tomorrow, probably 2pm Pacific Standard Time (utc-8 if I recall correctly)… it’ll be out for the world to enjoy.

Keli is finishing off the webshop so people can actually buy Unity, I’m wrapping up the new Conception designed website, and Joe? He’s fixing bugs at what seems to be an average speed of 0.42 bugs per minute.

Most of the guys have gone home now – they know it’ll be a long day.

I need coffee. Now.

Happy Birthday Unity!

I spend the majority of my day with Unity ( nowadays. It has enabled me to pursue life as a game developer. Great tools like this is what’s driving the growth of independent developers and we can only dream of what all these creativity will do to the game industry. Rock on Unity Team!

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