July 3, 2010

FWD: Understanding next-gen streaming game services | Web Crawler – CNET News

Imagine channel surfing on your couch with a remote game controller and play different games as you like. That’s how I imagine these streaming game services to be like (probably not initially but hopefully in the future). With these streaming game services, you no longer need to worry about having the latest console to play games, or having to buy/rent a physical copy of the game. It’ll be like YouTube – search and play, with no waiting in between.

Is this going to make consoles obsolete? No, not now at least. Consoles are always going to push the technology – be it graphics, 3D technology, or motion control. But streaming services will be a great way for people to easily become a gamer without having to worry about hardware by making games much more accessible – think Facebook games but with amazing production quality.

I can’t wait.



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