December 26, 2010

FWD: One Chance. A game where you only have one shot at saving the world.



I discovered “One Chance” a few weeks ago and was amazed by how simple and effective it is at making players “experience” a story. In this game, you are a scientist who discovered cure for cancer, but as it turned out, the cure also led to a new virus that could wipe out the entire population on the planet. You have 7 days to save the world.

What makes the game different is that you can only play the game once. There is no restart, no save, and no reload. Once you finished the game, even if you reload the page, you won’t be able to replay it. So every decision you make is final, and this forces you to think hard before making your decisions.

Interestingly, this also makes you feel more responsible for the outcomes of your decisions in the game. Even thought fancy 3D graphics and sophisticated controls, the game really puts the players into the story and has a way of creating emotions.

This is yet another good example of story-telling in games. Give it a try!

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