February 4, 2011

FWD: Indie Game News Interviews Brandon Wu of Studio Pepwuper

1/ What first made you start thinking about becoming an indie developer?

It was a result of two trends in the gaming industry:

First, in 2009, I noticed that the rise of social and mobile platforms (Facebook, iPhone) enabled games to reach an audience that didn’t have an interest in games before. I’ve always believed that video games can be a medium capable of appealing to everyone, and I was excited to see these new platforms drawing more people into the game industry. 


Secondly, it was the growth and availability of development tools such as Unity, Shiva, Torque…etc. These tools lowered the barrier to entry for game development, especially for people who aren’t seasoned programmers. I started playing with these tools in 2009 and was really excited whenever I saw something I made moving on screen. It was all very basic at this point, but it led me to think that maybe I can make games myself. 


I grew up with video games, and even after I stopped playing games, I still found the creative game industry fascinating with ever evolving technology and ideas. My passion for the game industry, my desire to make games for the non-gamers, combined with the tools and platforms available, were the major reasons why I started thinking about becoming an indie game developer. Or simply, I just wanted to make games that my non-gaming wife would play. :) 
Interviewed by Indie Game News. For the rest of the interview go here.


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