Client Recommendations | Studio Pepwuper

Derek Hernandez
Producer at Bento Box Interactive, Live Producer at Carbine Studios

“Dependable. Knowledgeable. Skilled. During my time as Producer at Bento Box Interactive, we had a number of specialty mobile projects in different stages of development. We needed additional engineers to help us reach our milestones, and fast.

Brandon and his ace team at Pepwuper not only were able to deliver and help address our needs, but they exceeded expectations. Always a pleasure to talk to, Brandon continuously went out of his way (not that I think we were always an inconvenience) to ensure we were taken care of and working with the best engineers suited for each project.

If I’m ever looking for additional help again, Brandon and Pepwuper will be the first people I talk to!”

Charles Cox
Founder and CEO of 4gency

“I engaged Brandon’s studio during the development of Habitat, our group’s first major PC game title written in Unity. We needed expert coders to develop key features in parallel with our own development team, and Brandon’s team truly stepped up to the challenge. They were communicative, fast, and thorough in scoping and developing the features we needed, and changes to scope or timing were clearly messaged and handed appropriately; Brandon and team have been excellent to work with.”

Adam Lieb
Founder and CEO at Duxter

“Brandon has been an extremely valuable partner to my firm. He has helped our team build a Unity plugin to help deploy our community solution inside Unity games. His knowledge and relationships in the games industry are extremely deep. I’d strongly recommend working with Brandon and his firm if you have the opportunity. He is extremely professional and friendly. I hope to continue working with Brandon for a long time.”

Allen Wu
Founder at Wutango Media, LLC, Developer Marketing Manager at Amazon

“Brandon is a high caliber individual and business partner. He understands the app development community very well, communicating clearly and honestly. There are no misunderstandings or oversights with Brandon. Further, in the months that I have worked with him, he has always represented his firm with integrity. It is a pleasure to work with someone who respects my time and delivers the information I need. I give him an enthusiastic recommendation – he is a considerable asset to any app or game development firm.”

Andrew Gulotta
Producer at Bento Box Interactive, Development Manager at DICE (EA)

“I had the great pleasure of working with Brandon Wu and Studio Pepwuper while at Bento Box Interactive. Software development can often times be complicated, with a lot of unknowns, however Brandon’s professionalism and experience made the whole process easy and comfortable. His honest business practices were instrumental in setting expectations and preparing delivery schedules.

Unsurprisingly, Brandon and his team of Unity software engineers can deliver! They all possess a comprehensive knowledge about software development and the Unity game engine. Additionally, they were committed to building the best possible product, and still managed to deliver everything by our deadlines. I never lost confidence in the engineers, who constantly took initiative and offered efficient solutions for the technical hurdles we faced.

Brandon Wu and his Studio Pepwuper are top notch. You’d be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic, competent, and reliable engineering team. I highly recommend Brandon, he and his team would be a strong addition to any project.”