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Welcome! One Month Game School is the place for you to come and start making games. You’ll learn new skills and make awesome games every 4 weeks! There’s never been a more exciting time to make games :-)

Our philosophy

Learn while doing: All of our classes at One Month Game School encourage you to get your hands dirty and make a game from the get-go. Each class has a tangible goal – a game made at the end of it.

Authentic teaching: All of our teachers are indie developers themselves who have a real passion for gaming and the indie community.

Community is key: It’s so much more fun if we’re all in this together. Collaboration and support are two values we love!

Come on in, find the right class for you, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for $5 off your first class.


How it works


Step 1.  Choose a class that’s right for you

Step 2. You’ll be sent an email with more instructions about the 4 weeks ahead and you’ll be granted access to the course and videos.

Step 3. You can start watching the videos right away! The classes are designed to be taken at your own pace, (although we do occasionally run guided 4-week classes).

Ready to get started?

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