Single Player Mini-Games

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We’ve gotten lots of feedback during PAX and one that really stood out was the desire to have a single player mode outside of the competitive multiplayer game.

So we started pumping out some single player goodies on the side while working on the main multiplayer game! :D

Play the games

(warning: expect bugs! :P)


November 8th, 2012

Make Games with This!

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We love making games, and I bet a lot of you want to make games yourselves too! So we’ve put together this eBook to introduce the tools we use, from crafting a virtual world, creating interactions, all the way to collaboration and community building. With these awesome tools, you don’t have any more excuse to not try your hands on making some magic.

Make Games with This!

Simply join us and become an Awesome Pepwuperer below and we’ll send this over to you right away! 

July 28th, 2012

Oh! To Be Immortalized

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People can spend $100s on a myriad of age deifying cosmetics or spend all of their adult life on a search for the Fountain of Youth and here we are giving it to you for free! Why? Simply because we love our fans. 

You could Live Forever in 3 easy steps (3 for you, quite a few steps for us). 

  1. Sign up to our Awesome Pepwuperer List (so we can find you – updates only and no spam!)
  2. One lucky fan will be randomly picked from the Awesome Pepwuperer List
  3. If you are selected, we will contact you to send us your photos in various angles, plus a few questions to help us make an awesome character out of you!
  4. … (wait for us to finish the darn game) …
  5. Live forever in the World of My Giants™!

July 27th, 2012

Seattle Indies Expo

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What are you doing this Sunday? …….Nothing much?
Come down to DigiPen Institute of Technology Redmond campus in Seattle, Washington from 10am – 5pm for the Seattle Indies Expo

Protect your face when you play this video because that’s what it’s going to be all up in!

What’s the name of that amazing game at 0.45sec? 

July 25th, 2012